"A Hometown 4th Of July Tradition"

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Current Fundraisers

The Lumberjack Days Committee will be selling lanterns to be lit at 10:30PM, prior to the fireworks display.  Lanterns can be released in memory or in honor of someone special, as a display of our Independence or to be the beginning of a wonderful family tradition. Lanterns will begin being sold throughout Baraga County soon. Cost is $5 each. The lanterns are 100% biodegradable and pose no environmental issues.

The Lumberjack Days Committee is also selling raffle tickets for a dump truck full of wood! Cost is $5/ticket. See any committee member for more information or to purchase. 

News & Events

Schedule Update - The 2017 Baraga Lumberjack Days Celebration will be on Saturday, July 1 and Sunday, July 2. The schedule of events will be posted soon! Please check back for more updates.

Convertibles Wanted! We are in search of people with convertibles willing to drive our Queen candidates in our Main Parade on the 2nd. If anyone could help us out, please let any committee member know!

​5K Liberty Run - Join us for the 5th Annual Liberty 5k "Let Freedom Run". Registration begins at 8:00am on July 1st, with the race beginning at 8:30am beginning at the American Legion Post #444. Additional information and registration forms can be found here.

Copyright © Baraga County Lumberjack Days - Website Created By: Megan Haataja

IMPORTANT NOTICE! On the 4th of July - There will be NO motorized vehicles allowed on Superior Avenue other than for use during the Main Parade. Superior Avenue will be closed to thru traffic from the Baraga Armory to M-38 beginning at 8:00. No four wheelers, side by sides, golf carts, etc. other than those used by committee members only or by emergency personnel. Superior Avenue will continue to be closed from Homestead Graphics to M- 38 after the Main Parade until the conclusion of the fireworks. Due to the number of children playing in the streets, planned events in the street and complaints by citizens from previous years, no motorized vehicles will be allowed other then those used by Committee members. This is for your protection as much as for the children. Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to keep the kids safe.

Hello & Welcome to the 2017 Baraga County Lumberjack Days Celebration!

Hello and welcome to the official website of Baraga County's Largest Independence Day celebration - Lumberjack Days! We have designed this website to help everyone maximize their 4th of July experience in Baraga. Please take a minute to view our sponsors page because without them, this celebration would not be possible. We have a lot of events happening this year so make plans now to be in Baraga on July 1st and 2nd!