Baraga County Lumberjack Days Committee Members


President:  Laura Mayo
Vice President:  Nick Lozier
Secretary:  Diane Mayo
Treasurer:  Heidi Syrjala

Lola Gerard • Tim Olson • Abby Mayo • Tracy Larson • JoAnne Danielson • Megan Haataja • Sandy Johnson • Kelsey Olson

Cherie Dakota • Gina LaBeau • Gayle Isaacson Brandon Dakota • Dustin Lindemann •  Joel Mayo • Alex Mayo • Bill Mayo

Booklet Committee:  Lola Gerard • Gina LaBeau
Queen Competition:  Heidi Syrjala • Abby Mayo • Diane Mayo
Street Dance:  Entire Committee
Children’s Parade:  Cindy Giddings • Shelley Roy
Children’s Games:  Cherie Dakota • Diane Mayo • Queen Candidates
Main Parade:  Tim Olson • Nick Lozier • Heidi Syrjala • Abby Mayo • Bill Mayo
Float Committee:  Gina LaBeau

Bean Bag Tournament:  Tim Gerard
Ray Dompier Memorial Nite Shirt Parade:  Tim Olson
Wood Raffle Ticket Sales Coordinator:  Sandy Johnson
Lantern Sales Coordinator:  Kelsey Olson
Website & Flyers:  Megan Haataja
Photography:  Kaylee Brunk
Fireworks (Sponsored by KBIC):  Nick Lozier

"A Hometown 4th Of July Tradition"

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Additional Volunteers Needed!

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Baraga County Lumberjack Days